Ethiopian tahini

On another level

Gluten-free health product

100% pure sesame ground in a millstone

Pure Ethiopian sesame

No preservatives
no food coloring


Why tahini

The source

Our story begins somewhere in the fields of faraway Ethiopia ... where the best sesame seeds in the world come from

The quality

Our sesame seeds have been carefully selected and are ground in a special millstone in our production boutique

The taste

Addiction caution in front of you! Authentic and rich taste, with precise texture Like real grinding should feel

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We created the Queen out of a genuine love for tahini. After many attempts, we came to the perfect result

Refined. Uncompromising

Premium tahini


The tahini is made from whole sesame seeds, ground with its peel and thus is an important source of iron and calcium. Baside that

It's just insanely delicious

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